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Рецепты: выпечка, оформление выпечки, салаты, оформление салатов, торты...

Выпечка ,формирование выпечки, красивая выпечка, булочки,пирожки, сдоба....

Как красить яйца на Пасху 2018 своими руками

How to paint eggs for Easter.For the design of Easter eggs, depending on the method of staining, there are such concepts:
- krashenki - are painted in one color
- dykes - are painted in the main color, but they are interspersed in the form of specks, spots or strips of a different color
- drapanka - tinted in one color, but the pattern on them is scratched by hand
- pysanki - have an ornamental or plot pattern, handpainted by hand paints or painted in a special way.For proper staining, there are several basic rules.

For better and uniform coloring, they must be rinsed and degreased. You can wash with soap and degrease with alcohol.
they only need to be cooked when they lie at room temperature for some
time. Then during their heating in hot water there will be no sharp temperature drop, and the shell will remain whole
cook them better with the addition of salt, about one tablespoon per 1-1.2 cups of water
that the boiled and painted samples have a beautiful festive
appearance, they must be dried and wiped with a cloth soaked in
vegetable oil.
Then carefully polish them with a dry cotton cloth. So they turn out shiny and glossy.

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Зеркальная глазурь и крем из сгущенного молока пошогово. Торт.Рецепт.

Mirror glaze and cream of condensed milk poshovo. Cake.Recipe.
It's nice when the cake is not only very tasty, but also beautiful. And what could be more beautiful than a coating of mirror glaze.
For mirror glaze:
250g of sugar,
250g of milk,
80 g of cocoa,
(15 g of gelatin + 90 g of milk)
For cream with condensed milk:
1- Bank milk thickening.
200 g butter
2 tbsp. l. sugar powder for density.
Beze for decoration at will.
# cake # cream # mirror glaze # chocolate glaze # recipe

Выпечка,каравай, хлеб. Красивая праздничная выпечка.

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Салат " Винегрет"- салат для поста

Холодные закуски -- обязательный атрибут любого застолья

Упражнение при ущемлении грыж. Растяжка позвоночника при грыжах в период...

Выступление цыганского ансамбля возле бювета ,Трускавец

Питание при похудении. Диетическое питание.

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Как приготовить омлет. Супер омлет , рецепт для детей.How to cook an ome...

Жизненные мудрости. Выражения мудрых людей.

Красивые тортики. Торты оформление.К любому празднику. 8 Марта.

Упражнения при болях грудном отделе позвоночника. Признаки нарушения в г...

Сердечки тортитики,пирожные , красивое оформление .

Украшения из овощей и фруктов..

Как испечь выпечку чтоб она не приставала к форме. Выпечка с секретом.